'Who Has Deleted Ya' Scam Hits Facebook

There's a brand new piece of spamware making the rounds on Facebook, and, like so many others before it, this scam attracts users with empty promises of features that Facebook doesn't actually offer.

As All Facebook reports, the scam is currently spreading via Wall posts that read: "i cant believe how many people av removed me from your friends list! well i kno who you all r now, & im coming 2 get ya!" This eyesore of a message is accompanied by a link to an application called 'Who Has Deleted Ya!' Clicking on the link, however, will only post the exact same message on all of your friends' Walls. In the meantime, the link will take you to a site that promises a new iPad or iPhone 4 -- as long as you fill out a survey. If you actually do complete the survey, the spammer behind the operation will earn a commission, and, not surprisingly, you won't win any prize. You won't be able to see who's deleted you, either.

Unlike other scams, though, 'Who Has Deleted Ya' is strangely transparent. On the survey site, for example, is a disclaimer that reads: "Participation required. Click for details." If you click on this link, you'll find out that there really is no gift involved, and that the site is only interested in the survey. But, by that point, you'll have already spammed the rest of your friends, so, as always, it's best to avoid clicking on it in the first place.

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